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Status as of 2-11-2019
Kevin Adams Southeast Connections LLC Not Paid
Charles Alday Pipeline Performance Group Not Paid
Michael Alexander Kimley-Horn Paid
Richard Alford Project Consulting Services, Inc. Not Paid
Kris Allegood Pond & Company Not Paid
Nick Ashcraft AECOM Not Paid
Jeff Ashley Wachs Services Not Paid
Jerry Aycock Kinder Morgan Paid
Luis Babler Geo-Hydro Engineers, Inc. Not Paid
Bruce Bagnasco Wood Environment and Infrastructure Solutions Paid
Wesley Bailey Diversified Utility Services Not Paid
David Balogh Taplin Group Not Paid
Doug Barrow Control Equipment Company Paid
Wayne Bates McDaniel Technical Services, Inc. Paid
Brad Beckman Atlanta Gas Light Not Paid
Gene Billeaud Willbros Construction LLC (U.S.) Not Paid
Ken Bilson Burns & McDonnell Paid
Jack Bolton Snelson Companies, Inc. Not Paid
Jeff Bosshart Control Southern Inc. Not Paid
Danny Boswell Gunter Construction Please Register
Jonathan Bourdeau Wood Please Register
Dee Bradford NorthStar Energy Services Not Paid
Ray Brennan Wolseley Industrial Group Not Paid
Ken Brinegar Kinder Morgan Paid
Christopher Brown S&ME Not Paid
Ken Brown Maser Consulting Paid
Jerry Brown Corrosion Service Company Limited Paid
Jesse Brown Golder Associates Not Paid
Matthew Brown Golder Associates Not Paid
Heath Bryant Colonial Pipeline Company Paid
Brian Buckleman E2 Consulting Engineers Paid
Benny Buice AECOM Please Register
Brannen Butts Pond & Company Not Paid
Larry Byers PTW Energy Services LTD Not Paid
Kevin Caesar AGL Resources Please Register
Tre Canestra Milhouse Engineering & Construction, Inc. Paid
Todd Cape Southern Company Paid
Craig Carter Southern Cathodic Not Paid
Corey Cartwright Benton-Georgia LLC Not Paid
Freddie Case Latex Construction Company Not Paid
Chip Cavin AECOM Paid
Howard Chesneau Fuel Quality Services Inc. Not Paid
Anthony Chiarulli Sunland Construction, Inc. Paid
Travis Childers Stuart Steel Protection Please Register
Mike Choi EN Engineering Not Paid
Don Christian E2 Consulting Engineers Not Paid
Jenny Clark ECS Southeast LLP Please Register
Ryan Clark Kimley-Horn Paid
Charlie Cloud Wood Paid
Larry Clynch Liquid Fuels Consulting Paid
John Cochran HEPACO Not Paid
Casey Colbey Troy Construction Paid
Aubrey Coleman AECOM Not Paid
Jeff Collis Badger Daylighting Not Paid
Neal Coordes Colonial Pipeline Company Paid*
Ryan Cramer Troy Construction Paid
Cortney Crane Exponent Not Paid
Shane Crochet Specialty Polymer Coatings Not Paid
John Cronin Pond & Company Please Register
Todd Day Suburban Consulting Engineers, Inc. Please Register
Colin Davis Kleinfelder Not Paid
Jarrett Davis Project Consulting Services, Inc. Please Register
Danny Delaney Pond & Company Please Register
Derek DeLeon Gleeds USA Not Paid
Greg Dempsey Kinder Morgan Paid*
Nick DiQuollo Colonial Pipeline Company Paid
John DiZinno GHD Not Paid
Timothy Dronet T Baker Smith Not Paid
Edward (Timothy) Easton T.D. Williamson Paid
James Eaves Troy Construction Paid
Tish Edmondson Southern Cathodic Paid
Njide Ejikeme The Process Engineering Network Please Register
Todd Eldridge Pond & Company Not Paid
Maria Escuela Southern Cathodic Not Paid
Leo Fanning MidContinental Chemical Company Paid
Andrew Fleming Kleinfelder Paid
Richard Flowers Pond & Company Please Register
Levon Fogel Southern Cathodic Please Register
Jim Franks JB Systems Paid*
Nicki Freel Wakelin GmbH Please Register
German (Carlos) Frey Kleinfelder Not Paid
David Fuller TestAmerica Laboratories Inc. Not Paid
Lillian Furlow Wood Not Paid
Derrick Gentry Progressive Pipeline Not Paid
TJ Gibbons Mangan Not Paid
Doran Goleman Kinder Morgan Not Paid
Kurt Gowdy Benton-Georgia LLC Paid
Doug Greene Benton-Georgia LLC Paid
Jonathan Grimes Jacobs Paid
Ben Grove Stantec Paid
Heather Hamlin Allied Corrosion Industries, Inc. Paid
Jacob Harper Project Consulting Services, Inc. Not Paid
Dierk Hatcher Troy Construction Paid
Jerry Hawkins Stantec Paid
Darren Heath Brodie International Not Paid
Tyrel Heckendorf Analytical Environmental Services Not Paid
Dewitt Herbert Duff GbR Not Paid
Don Hill Not Paid
Shane Hinson Ed Wallace Construction, Inc. Not Paid
Rodney Hoke Pond & Company Not Paid
Lynn Horn Benton-Georgia LLC Paid
Chris Horten Heatec, Inc. Please Register
Michael Houston Weamco, Inc. Not Paid
Stephanie Hull Southern Company Gas Paid*
Dan Hunt Wenck Associates, Inc. Not Paid
Rodrigues Igor Colonial Pipeline Company Please Register
Brian Ingram Geo-Hydro Engineers, Inc. Not Paid
Debra Ingram Not Paid
Jeff Inman Benton-Georgia LLC Paid
Stony Jackson Strategic Industrial Solutions Not Paid
Rolan Jackson Mangan Not Paid
Daniel Jacobsen Colonial Pipeline Company Paid
Shane Jefferies Milhouse Engineering & Construction, Inc. Not Paid
Brian Jeffers Geo Lab Drilling Not Paid
Wende Johnston Independent Paid
Phillip Jones Jacobs Paid
Tony Jones Dyno Nobel Inc. Paid
Betsy Jorganson Jacobs Paid
Christie Karis HeatRep, LLC Not Paid
Paul Karpenko Control Equipment Company Not Paid
Rich Keagy AECOM Not Paid
William Kelly Trihydro Corporation Not Paid
Mark Kemp Paid, Please Register
Thomas Kessler AECOM Paid
TK Kim Progressive Pipeline Please Register
Robert Kisuve Burns & McDonnell Not Paid
Simon Kline Jacobs Paid
Corey Knight Wood Group Not Paid
Jennifer Kolbe Stantec Not Paid
James Konitsky Suburban Consulting Engineers, Inc. Please Register
Eric Kovich Geosyntec Consultants Not Paid
Justin Kuster Milhouse Engineering Paid
Michael Ladd Emerson Process Management Paid
Pauline LaFranc Not Paid
Lori Lamberth Lamberth Engineering Services Paid
Denise Langley Colonial Pipeline Company Please Register
John Lathram Pond & Company Please Register
Kimberly Lawson Southern Company Paid
Joseph Lemberg Exponent Paid, Please Register
Nicholas LeRose Wood Please Register
Carl Lieberman Kinder Morgan Paid*
Clyde Likens Don Miller and Associates Inc. Not Paid
Joshua Locklear Janx Not Paid
Erik Lombard Southern Company Paid
Mandell Long Colonial Pipeline Company Paid
Brad Luchini Waypoint Analytical Paid
Joe Macrina, P.E Wolverton & Associates, Inc. Paid
Dave Manfroni MarieCo, Inc. Not Paid
Jim Marianetti Wood Please Register
Linda Marquez SIMET LLC Paid
Scott Martin Pace Analytical Please Register
Judi Mason GLE Associates Please Register
Cindi McAdams ECS Southeast, LLP Not Paid
Ryan McClure Wenck Associates, Inc. Not Paid
Ralph McCollum Southern Company Paid
Russ McConnell Winter-Systems Not Paid
Kylie (Ryan) McCord CH2M Hill Not Paid
Brittany McCray Colonial Pipeline Company Not Paid
Tara McCullen Burns & McDonnell Paid
Dustin McDaniel McDaniel Technical Services, Inc. Not Paid
Bill McGevna Southern Company Gas Not Paid
Mike McKibben Geosyntec Consultants Not Paid
Jason McLendon Allied Corrosion Industries, Inc. Not Paid
Matthew McLeod Urban GIS Paid
Anthony McMullan Burns & McDonnell Not Paid
William Medlin Woodard & Curran Please Register
Tiffany Messier EarthCon Please Register
Daniel Miller Suburban Consulting Engineers, Inc. Paid
Brandon Miller Patterson & Dewar Engineers, Inc. Not Paid
Chad Millinor Bartlett Controls, Inc. Not Paid
Patricia Minor Baker Consulting Group Paid*
Yancey Molner Magnolia River Services Not Paid
Tom Moore E2 Consulting Engineers Paid, Please Register
Andy Morecraft AECOM Paid
Jamie Morgan Jacobs Not Paid
William Mueller Allied Corrosion Industries, Inc. Not Paid
Dan Muller Colonial Pipeline Company Paid
Dana Murphy Colonial Pipeline Company Please Register
Jennifer Natchus Stantec Not Paid
Leonel Nava Colonial Pipeline Company Not Paid
Matt Newhart Stantec Not Paid
Tony Nguyen Southern Company Gas Please Register
Melissa Nichols Sunland Construction, Inc. Paid
Michael Norris Mott MacDonald Paid
Michelle Norris Jaundice Not Paid
Blair Northen Kinder Morgan Paid*
Chris Owens Gunter Construction Not Paid
Gill (Edward) Page Prime Engineering, Inc. Not Paid
Steve Padgett Vasquez Project Consulting Services, Inc. Please Register
Rodney Parker Shaw Pipeline Services Not Paid
Eric Phillips Project Consulting Services, Inc. Not Paid
Stan Pitts Applus RTD USA, Inc. Paid
Ed Platenburg Sales Solutions Inc. Not Paid
Walt Plekan AECOM Paid
Matthew Posey Kleinfelder Not Paid
Scott Powell CH2M Not Paid
Don Pozin Colonial Pipeline Company Paid
Leon Proper Project Consulting Services, Inc. Paid*
Allison Queen Pace Analytical Please Register
Jeff Ray Stuart Steel Protection Not Paid
Rich Reaves Jacobs Please Register
Emily Rech Suburban Consulting Engineers, Inc. Paid
Abel Resendez Milhouse Engineering & Construciton Not Paid
Zack Reuter Burns & McDonnell Not Paid
Charles Ricks American Steel Pipe Paid
Alex Ries Milhouse Engineering & Construction Not Paid
Julia Ripley CH2M Not Paid
Igor Rodrigues Colonial Pipeline Company Not Paid
Terry Rowe Percheron Professional Services Not Paid
Matthew Saint Tablerock Survey Not Paid
Ty Samples LB Foster Please Register
Kimberly Sanders Please Register
Monica Sarna Milhouse Engineering Paid
Mark Schach American Steel Pipe Paid, Please Register
Bob Schambach Carboline Company Please Register
Calvin Schmidt Audubon Field Solutions Not Paid
Abiade Scott Milhouse Engineering and Construction Paid
Angela Scott Stantec Paid
Steven Shanley Ruhrpumpen Please Register
Marc Sheridan Suburban Consulting Engineers, Inc. Please Register
Matt Shinsky Maser Consulting Paid
Colin Silla Gas Transmission Systems Inc. Not Paid
Debbie Simmons Matcor Please Register
Duncan Sinclair Paid
Perry Sisk Colonial Pipeline Company Paid
Jaclyn Smith Central Pipeline Not Paid
Jesse Smith Independent Paid
Pamela Smith Smith Real Estate Services Paid
Warren Springett Gleeds USA Paid
Craig Stallings Stallings Industries Inc. Not Paid
Kelli Staudt Magnolia River Services Not Paid
Mick Steele Steele Cathodic Inc. Not Paid
Eddie Stevens Benton-Georgia LLC Please Register
Joshua Stice Atwell Group Not Paid
Jarrett Stichler Milhouse Engineering and Construction Not Paid
Andy Sumpter Player and Company Paid
Robyn Susemihl Burns & McDonnell Please Register
Deana Taylor Stantec Not Paid
Gregory Taylor Emerson Process Management Paid
David Thomas Burns & McDonnell Not Paid
Halle Thomas Millhouse Paid
Jimmy Thomas Enercon Paid
Bob Thompson Stantec Not Paid
Niles Thompson Terracon Not Paid
Rebecca Thornton Pace Analytical Paid
Eric Tippet MRC Global Not Paid
Jonathan Todd Control Southern Inc. Paid
Thomas True Wolverton & Associates, Inc. Paid
Ted Turner Prime Engineering, Inc. Not Paid
Conner Vann Diversified Utility Services Not Paid
Michael Varajon Snelson Companies, Inc. Not Paid
Lucas Veillon Sunland Construction, Inc. Please Register
Mike Verdon Colonial Pipeline Company Paid
Brett Vogt Project Consulting Services, Inc. Paid
Will Voltz HGA Pipeline Services Paid
Andrew Vondrak Southern Company Not Paid
Jason Wadsworth HEPACO Not Paid
Douglas Wagner Percheron Field Services Not Paid
Melissa Warren Jacobs Not Paid
Stephen Weems NV5 Not Paid
Josh Whitesides Maser Consulting Please Register
Dallas Whitman City of Lawrenceville Please Register
Melanie Wiggins Jacobs Please Register
Tom Wiley Jacobs Paid
Jacque Williams Kleinfelder Paid
Jesse Williams Sunland Construction, Inc. Please Register
Michelle Williams Waypoint Analytical Paid
Jeff Wilmer Emerson Process Management Not Paid
Brad Wilson Shaw Pipeline Services Not Paid
Buck Wright Wolverton & Associates, Inc. Paid, Please Register
Victor Yarborough Consultant Paid*
David Young Hunt Guillot (HGA) Not Paid
Chad Zeis Gunter Construction Not Paid
Members 273
Members – Paid 95
Members – Not Paid 129
Have Not Registered Online 44
Paid, Please Register Online 5
* – Past President or Retiree